CEO Message

Welcome to Seoul D&S website

In the last 25 years since it was founded, Seoul D&S has developed and manufactured high-precision, innovative cutters and benders based on its patented, internally-developed technology.
For example, we have developed and manufactured user-oriented cutters and benders including EasyCutter, which provides highly precise cutting of steel rules, and EasyBender, which provides both cutting and bending capabilities. To date, EasyCutter and EasyBender S1, S2, S3, and XR models have been sold within the US and abroad.
Currently, our dieboard machines hold over 70% market share in the US and have maintained the number one position for the last 15 years.
Further, the EasyBender brand has become a household name in the dieboard industry.
Based on the proud history, we also developed and marketed new models for the sign industry.
In 2007, four new models of the ChannelBender series were introduced to provide capabilities to produce the channel letters using various types of material.
These models were received with great fanfare and have received highly-rated reviews for its capability and quality. We strive to provide the best quality machines at highly-competitive prices for the sign industry as well. We ask for your continued interest, encouragement, and support.
Thank you.

Eric Koh, CEO of Seoul D&S