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S eoul D&S is an industry leader in the innovation of high-performance rule dieboard bender and channel bender systems. Headquartered in Anyang City, Korea (South), Seoul D&S is a global company with operations, sales activity worldwide. Founded in 1988 on the principles of steady innovation and concrete execution, Seoul D&S’ strong business fundamentals and proven track record have resulted in sustained growth throughout the company's history.

Consequently, Seoul D&S is leading the world market in dieboard manufacturing systems with the EasyBender series. At present, it is ranked as the top vendor in the US market. Our efforts to become the best have been reflected in various awards given to us, "Korean Excellent Export Products (heavy industry” in 1999, “4-million dollar export” in 1999, the “Grand prize for excellent products” and “Certificate for the world’s top class product” in 2002.

Seoul D&S diverse portfolio of high accurate, easy-to-use ChannelBender solutions are designed for sign industry, especially channel letter makers. Our ChannelBender solutions enable faster time-to-market and lower cost advantages without sacrificing performance. In the meantime, our rule dieboard making solutions have the following line of products: EasyCutter, a basic equipment for manufacturing rule dieboard, EasyBender to cut straight lines and curves.

Seoul D&S pursues development of the world’s best products and is a patent leader through creative management. We will make every effort to become a company that can satisfy you, our customers.